There are a number of things driving demand for bringing social software into the workplace. One of the big ones is the disparity between people’s everyday lives and the software they use at work. At home they can stay connected to what matters. They know exactly what their friends are up to. They know their package is in Oklahoma just 2 days away. At work, they have no idea what’s happening or what the status of their work is.

Our industry often contemplates the “sexy” ingredients but it’s important to focus on the values that these consumer tools provide and then arrive at a plan for how to bring those values together in a meaningful way. Unfortunately, a lot of companies are racing out and grocery shopping the ingredients (“I need a blog, wiki-stuff, some social networking”) and plan to cobble them together (read: Junk Drawer part II). While still others sit back and wonder if there’s a real market.

Maybe I should create an Old Fart Company scorecard. Hmmm.

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    Cool chart! I really like the way you visualize the translation between social web apps and the “old-fart” apps.