I’m leaving Jive. I love Jive.

I’ve never had the experience of walking into a company and being inspired, then leaving a company four years later and being just as inspired, if not more. But Jive has been that for me. I’ve never learned as much as I have in my years there. Or worked with amazing people like Dave Hersh (you can read his post about my departure here), Matt Tucker, Bill Lynch and the rest of the team.

Jive has been that magical connection between a market opportunity, a company and a team of amazing individuals. I loved to work with them every day. It’s a team that wakes up and goes to sleep fighting to win. A team that shares a single vision and DNA. A team of people who has what it takes to go big. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Going big.

I don’t know how many of you have been lucky enough to have an experience like that in your careers. If not, I hope you do. Everything I’ve ever said about the company, I believe. And I’ve never been more proud of the people there and the mission they are on. I believe in them.

Every parent’s dream for their child is that they succeed beyond their wildest dreams. And every company needs different things at different parts of their growth. These are natural events, the coming and going of people in a company to help them achieve what’s needed. Jive has grown a ton. They have been proclaimed the leaders. They have defined a completely new category. And this, is an organic parting of ways for us. It’s the way companies are supposed to grow.

Chapter Big

It’s time for me to make more big things happen. To work on new things. To change the rules and create breakthroughs. I’ll be sharing more soon. But for now, just know that I’m leaving Jive at the end of the month. And join me in wishing them lots of luck.

I know I do.

  • Michael

    Whatever you do, I’m sure it will be as uncompromising and compelling as always. Good luck on your new adventure Sam (not that you need it.)

  • http://Website David

    Sam – it has been an pleasure and honor to work with you the past 1.5 years. Your drive to ‘go big always’ has left an impression here. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  • Sameer Patel

    Wish you all the best Sam. I’m sure you’ll kill it where ever you land.

  • http://Website Victor

    It has been great working with you! I’m excited to hear about your next project.

  • Justin Kistner

    Whoa big news! Look forward to hearing what you do next.

  • Paul Biggs

    Sam, we’ll miss you. Thanks for expanding my gray matter exponentially. Best of luck on your new endeavor — a BIG endeavor. Can’t wait to see what evloves. See you on the Playa.

  • Aaron Strout

    Sam – you are destined for great things. You’ve done a gorgeous job at Jive and I’m sure Dave and the team are sad to lose you. Looking forward to reading about “Chapter Big.”


    Aaron | @aaronstrout

  • Mukund

    Rock on Sam. good luck with whatever you do next.

  • Kevin Merritt

    Best wishes to you Sam. I look forward to hearing what you’ll be doing next.

  • Dwayne King

    Wow, that’s surprising news. Good luck and I’ll be curious to hear what you have planned next.

  • Dean Thrasher

    Good luck, Sam! Keep us all posted on your future endeavors!

  • Patrick Moran

    Best of luck Sam — you did GREAT things for Jive.


  • http://Website Chris

    Good luck Sam. Looking forward to learning more about what’s next.

  • http://Website Rachel Rhodes

    Going to miss you, Sam, but I have no doubt you will conquer and succeed with your next mission!

  • Dennis McDonald

    Nice working with you, Sam. Good luck!

  • Nick Barker

    What a day… discovered Jeffery Walker’s Cancer is back and you’re leaving the Jive nest. One certainty, change is inevitable. Look forward to hearing more on your Big move



  • Jason Corsello

    Best of luck Sam. You should feel well-accomplished for the imprint you have made in the market.

  • Alan Lepofsky

    Best of luck on what comes next Sam.

  • Rick Turoczy

    Good luck, Sam! Can’t wait to see what the next–and apparently big–chapter holds.

  • Buck Wilson

    Sam I would not be where I am if it weren’t for you. Adam and I owe you so much for evangelizing Jotlet to the Jive guys. I’ll never forget Business 2.0 and our encounters there.

    I’m excited to see where your career takes you in the future. If you ever need anything at all, just let me know.

  • Gia

    I’m gonna miss you:( thanks for sharing your brilliance!

  • Warren Sukernek

    Sam, best of luck on the next Chapter Big. Can’t wait to learn more.


  • Jamie

    Best of luck to you, Sam! Hope you keep in touch!

  • http://Website Robb Verna

    Best of luck in all your new adventures….I look forward to reading about the next chapter.

  • http://Website Mike Weiss

    Great work Sam and truly the best of luck going forward.

  • David Spencer

    Good luck to you and Jive both, going forward. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  • Bill Lynch

    Thanks for everything Sam, and good luck!

  • Jeremiah Owyang

    Wow Sam, you’ve a lot of fans, me included. Take care!

  • Lawrence Liu (Telligent)

    Best wishes! Srsly. :-) I look forward to seeing what you’ll go big on next.

  • Vassil Mladjov

    Good luck Sam

  • Ric

    Sam … BIG news, both a little bit sad and a little bit excited. I’m sure Jive will miss you, but I’m waiting to see what the next BIG thing is! Cheers and good luck.

  • http://Website rachel p

    my social media tutor/svengali(in a good way)! best of luck.

  • http://Website Dan Short

    We’ll miss you, Sam. Thanks for making it fun.

  • Sonny Gill

    Sam – best of luck in your next venture. I’m sure we’ll be seeing and hearing plenty of you still.

  • Sarah Denman

    Sam, congrats on the time well spent at Jive – they couldn’t have done it without you! Hope you’re landing on your feet and it’s a good change. take care – S.

  • Hutch Carpenter

    Sam – I’ll miss your insights and witticisms here and on Twitter on behalf of Jive, look forward to seeing them from where you land next.

  • BC

    Best of luck. Great work at Jive. Can’t wait to see whats next!

  • BarbaraKB

    Congrats to you, Sam. Looking forward to hearing more about that Next Big Thing! Peace.

  • Israel Blechman

    Best wishes and good luck Sam!

  • Ben Tremblay

    My (slightly perverse?) wish for you: that you can have some head and leg room, some free-space so you can explore and share your breadth.


  • steve golab

    Sam, wow good luck!

  • Martin Koser

    Best wishes for everything you’re up to now, keep up the good work with your cute visualizations and I hope that the extra time you’ve got now makes it easier to cross the pond for some of those upcoming things in Europe 😉

  • Luis Suarez

    Hi Sam! Goodness!!! Talking about shocking news! I know that plenty of folks are going to miss you lots, but I guess there is a saying that “Life goes on…” And with you always on the BIG side of things! So I am looking forward to reading some more on what you would be up to and can only wish you all the very best in whatever it would be that you decide to spend most of your time some time soon!

    Look forward to our next F2F meetup, whenever it may well be, my friend! Rock on!! :-)

  • Ted Stanton

    Good Luck Sam. If by any chance your going to be at Web 2.0 Expo this week, we should connect up.

  • http://Website Tracy Clifton Sjogreen

    Best of luck Sam! It has been great working with you.

  • eric norlin

    Sam –
    mentioned you here, and didn’t have your new email to let you know about it:

    hope all is well

  • Raja Sandhu

    Thanks for all the cool jobs at Jive Sam, you were quite the asset and got me places as well. Gung ho dude!

  • potpiegirl

    Good luck on your new adventure
    keep cool

  • JustinSMV

    Good luck on your next big project and wish you nothing but success!

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  • PB

    Sam, wow good luck!

  • http://Website Nick Wheatley

    Good Luck Sam! It was great working with you back in my Jive days.

  • http://Website Jeff Friend

    Sounds like someone caught the Landmark bug 😉 Now go create some breakdowns, bigger and bigger every day, because you know what’s on the other side! It is always refreshing to see someone being bold and taking their life seriously. I acknowledge you for that Sam.