Max Power Clicks Review

Welcome to my Max Power Clicks Review – on this page, I will be sharing my experiences with the traffic provider Max Power Clicks ( Continue reading below to find out what happened after I purchased their gold traffic package.

As someone who has been around this industry for a while, I have built up my own network of people. Some of whom I go to for help/advice and some who come to me. I was asked by a good friend of mine, to find a high-quality traffic source for his campaigns.

This is when I stumbled upon Max Power Clicks as I was browsing various websites in search of good traffic. The first thing that I noticed was that they were charging more per click when compared to competitors.

After some further research, I found the reason why. Max Power Clicks only sell clicks from top tier countries, specifically the USA and Canada (98% USA traffic, 2% Canadian).

When you compare this to competitors pricing who offer only 75% top tier traffic generally and which comes from a mixture of USA, UK, CA, NZ and AU (the top 5), the increase of price makes sense and it actually makes it cheaper because you’re paying solely for top tier traffic, specifically for traffic from the USA which we all know converts better.

It’s also still cheaper when compared to other sellers who are selling 100% top tier traffic which comes from the same top 5 countries as above.

To better explain this, would you rather buy 1,000 clicks and have 980 of them come from America (more buying power) or buy the same amount of clicks and have them split across the top 5 countries? ( 200 USA, 200 UK, 200 CA, 200 NZ, 200 AU)*.

I‘d pick the USA traffic every time.

Results are the only thing that matter…

When buying traffic, the bottom line results matter. What use is 100% USA traffic if it doesn’t convert? If you recall at the beginning of this post, I was tasked with finding high-quality traffic.

So, before we went crazy and put in volume orders we tested small and continued to re-buy, testing a range of different offers at different price points. We started with the gold package, then went with some of the smaller packages. Below are the results:

These results are over 35 days testing products which range from $47 all the way to $197.

We were sending them to CPA offers which meant it would be harder to recoup our costs as we only get paid a commission on the front end product and not on any of the upsells or back-end products (high ticket).

Whilst it’s harder to break even, we don’t have to worry about refunds.

If you are buying traffic from anywhere, you need to make sure that you are either getting paid for the upsells, or sending the traffic to opportunitiesĀ like Empower Network, MOBE, ASPIRE etc so that you can benefit from the high ticket commissions in the back end, as this is where you make your profits.

I’ve done a quick look online and I’ve seen a few people posting results for the opportunities which I mention above, so it looks like this is good quality traffic.


My initial in house testing shows that this traffic is clean (free from bots), high quality and that it also generates sales. I will now be moving on and testing it with high ticket products as it looks like there is room for some big returns using the Max Power Clicks traffic.

To conclude, I would recommend this traffic.

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