The Enterprise Octopus

Get in your head

Whenever I talk about the new enterprise collaboration I always imagine an octopus.

Sometimes it’s a team, sometimes it’s the whole company, but all of us are in the head of the octopus. It’s where we live. It’s where we unify and freely interact. What’s great about being in the head, is you get to leave all your stuff behind and just get to the point.

But sometimes we need stuff

That stuff could anything. Stuff is just old information we may need to look at from time to time. Typically it’s inactive and stored. Most stuff isn’t that important but some of it is. Here’s a list of stuff:

  • Documents
  • Data
  • Quarterly plans
  • Files
  • Past meetings
  • Information from other applications
  • The Enterprise Octopus has arms that can get the stuff

Want some stuff? Your arm knows you want it. That’s what it’s there for. They can get stuff while you stay in the head. No need to go anywhere else. Don’t run off now! If we were having a conversation about Q4, we should be able to immediately suck all the relevant stuff from Q4 into the Octopus head so we can talk about it and keep the work going.

Most companies are headless

The problem is, there’s no central place for the people. All we have are file generating machines. Email machines. Calendar machines. Word processing, spreadsheet and presentation machines. And many companies purchased even bigger, complex machines to manage the output of all those other machines. In the meantime, we just work around those machines and wonder, “which way to the head?”

The head

The new people-focused enterprise wants its head back. They want the place for the people to easily unify and get to the point. You can call this “Enterprise 2.0″ you can call this “social productivity,” it doesn’t really matter what you call it other than it’s going to turn things right-side up. And it’s about time.