GBA Quadrants

Founder’s Perception

Imagine yourself looking through an electron microscope. See all the enormous and breathtaking micro-landscapes? Now imagine that you believe these landscapes are planets and you’re the ruler (this land is your land). It’s pretty clear that if anyone else can’t see how different you are, then well…something’s wrong with them. Right?

Analyst’s Perception

Now imagine that Founders from across the galaxy invite you to their planet. So, you sit on their couch. Maybe, eat a carrot stick from the grocery platter they bought just for you. Some vacuumed. Others Febreezed. Many just have underwear strewn dorm-room style. Regardless, they put on a slideshow and you grade it based on your handy checklist. At least you get to look around for yourself and issue a report back to the other planet rulers.

Customer’s Perception

You’re busy. Like, really busy. Someone tells you that you should look at the sky. You glance up, see a lot of stars and wonder what the big deal is all about.