Ultimate Dot Com System Review

Welcome to my UDCSystem.com Ultimate Dot Come System review. Now, the Ultimate Dot Com System is not to be confused with a product with a different but similar name; Ultimate Dot Come Lifestyle. I will get into this later.

Hopefully, this post will clear up some of the confusion.

So, What is the Ultimate Dot Com System? (udcsystem.com)

This might get confusing, so I will try and keep things as short and simple as possible.

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is a product and funnel designed by internet marketer John Chow. This is part of the official MOBE (My Online Business Empire) product line. The URL is ultimatedotcomlifestyle dot com

Ultimate Dot Com System (also known as UDCsystem dot com) is not part of MOBE and is not linked with John Chow (to my knowledge). Whilst the URL’s are similar (I believe this is done on purpose) they have nothing to do with each other, apart from the fact that UDC is promoting the John Chow version.

Ultimate Dot Com System Review - UDCSystem Review

Why all the confusion?

As you can see above, not only are the names very similar, but also the domain names. Here is why. UDC has been created by an affiliate who is also part of MOBE.

UDCL is one of the official products/funnels within the MOBE marketplace.

I’m not sure how many people/active affiliates are members, but that means they all have the same resources available to them. So, let’s say there are currently 10,000 active Mobe affiliates and they are all using the same funnel. This leads to saturation as well as “ad blindness”.

A clever and “in the know” affiliate knows this, so they design their own VSL (video sales letter) to stand out from the crowd. If you try and sign-up it will take you to the official MOBE payment page:-

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle

Why would someone do that?

Other than the reasons given above, there are various other benefits of creating your sales video.

Since your VSL will not be used by the company itself, as in, it’s not an official company production, you can “get away” with doing different things.

The actors/testimonials are not real. Most of them are from places like Fiverr. The income screenshots are also from things which are completely unrelated (and who knows if they are legit).

A company VSL would have to go through compliance procedures meaning only real testimonials can be used and only verified income proof can be used, as well as not making any claims or guaranteeing anything.

Now, if they wanted, MOBE’s legal/compliance department could probably have the UDC system videos removed. But my guess is that they are ok for them to be left alone as it’s probably generating quite a lot of affiliate commissions (which they get a cut from).

So let’s clear something up. Is UDC System a SCAM? (is Ultimate Dot Com System Scam?). No. It’s not so much as scam in the sense it will take your money and run. Yet, it uses very misleading and deceptive marketing tactics along with non verified income claims.

Over the years, I’ve seen this happen quite often. What usually happens is that eventually the “imposter” videos are removed and no longer used due to saturation and eventually they get replaced by different videos under different names.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my Ultimate Dot Com System Review (UDC System Review) / Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Review.

Hopefully this blog post was able to clear up any confusion which you may have.

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